The Big Bike Ride – Day One – Nakuru to Naivasha

Dan Mew
Sunday 6th August – Day One – Nakuru to Naivasha

After some last minute adjustments, the team loaded up the support van and headed for the supermarket to stock up on supplies.

We then headed to the start line at The Walk Centre for a 1pm start, where small crowds had started to gather to wave us off. The Big Bike Ride has generated quite a buzz and the newly-wrapped support vans have only helped to spread the word.

The Big Bike Ride - Day one

It wouldn’t be Kenya without a slight delay(!), so we set off at 1.30pm and headed for Naivasha, the main town separating Nairobi, the capital city, and our starting point, Nakuru.

We purposely scheduled a relatively short ride of 45 miles so we could get used to the roads and each other’s cycling styles. The weather was beautiful as we pedalled through the Rift Valley. Passers-by and children were already waving in the streets and wishing us luck – though perhaps not so many of the lorries we were holding up!

Things took a turn for the worst, however, when we headed through the De La Mere estate. Dark grey clouds gathered within minutes and the heavens opened, which soaked us all. The unseasonably torrential downpour thankfully came with only four miles of the ride left but our clothes are still drying now!

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