Beth Fisher

In my role as the Marketing and Communications Officer, I am responsible for ensuring that information about our work and the volunteering opportunities we offer are promoted to people across the UK and beyond. Blogging and Social Media is a big part of my role, so I’m often found browsing one platform or another (strictly for business purposes, of course!)

African Adventures is a unique place to work, because our core values are at the forefront of everything we do. Too often, I think people get caught up in their routines, without thinking of the consequences. Here, every action is done with a purpose, not to be the biggest, but to be the best, without detracting from the amazing achievements of our partner projects. Our ethos to create positive change is central to our work.

Before finishing my BA (Hons) Communication and Media degree at Bournemouth University, I was privileged enough to embark on a month-long expedition to Kenya – a trip which changed my life and sparked a love for Africa and its diverse people, culture, and wildlife. I would love the chance to go back at some point and do some more exploring!

Due to the dire state of my student overdraft, I haven’t had the chance to satisfy my wanderlust as much as I would like to recently, but I have great plans to go travelling in the future. When I’m not googling how much a flight to Thailand is, you can find me reading, testing out a new beauty look, or surrounding myself with any form of fluffy four-legged friend.