Mike Stock

What does it mean to be a global citizen?

Daily life is busy, with friends, family, school, further education, or work to consider. So, when I was asked recently what being a global citizen means, I questioned how often...

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Youth Development Programmes
Volunteer Recruitment Manager (South) Vacancy

Closing date for applications: 24th July 2019 - The Volunteer Recruitment Manager is responsible for generating and converting enquiries for new groups based in the south of the UK that...

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Great Expectations for Young and Old on First Kenya Experience

This Saturday, Derby County Community Trust embark on their eighth trip to Kenya! There are some exciting additions to the group this year, most notably eight-year-old twins Harry and Oliver...

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Easter volunteer programme
Easter Volunteer Programme

The various holidays throughout the academic calendar can be busy periods in-country and this Easter volunteer programme is no exception. Here's a brief run-down of just some of the work...

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School Geography Challenge
Day Seven: Farewell day at The Walk Centre

It is farewell day at The Walk Centre, a more informal day being a Saturday, and the girls spend their last volunteer hours enjoying playground activities with the children.

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