A special visitor from Kenya to the UK

Dan Mew

For a fortnight in October we had the pleasure of having our East Africa Director, Alex Maina, and Ghana Director, Siva Vordzorgbe, in the UK. Both Alex and Siva had the opportunity to meet the team in the Eastleigh office and learn first-hand about the work that goes into putting our trips together before volunteers are received in country. They were also able to go out on the road with our groups team to meet future volunteer groups. Alex has written a short blog on his visit, below.

This October has been a great month for me, singling out my trip to African Adventures UK as the best thing that has happened to me.

The news to come to the UK was received with great excitement, someone may wonder why but it is always a miracle for someone from my background to be in a plane going anywhere.

I arrived at Amsterdam airport and was to connect to Southampton, my first surprise was to check the boarding pass of the passenger seated next to me and to read his name – Siva.

What a coincidence, I boldly asked; are you Siva from African Adventures Ghana?! He too was surprised I was Alex from African Adventures Kenya. I think there must be a hand that plans our lives somewhere.

We laughed for meeting in such a way, how come we were given the neighbouring seats, me from the Kenya KLM checking in and him from Ghana.

Alex, Dan and Siva

Dan received us at the airport, a great man he is! We decided not to rest but go direct to our UK office, the team there was great and very welcoming to us.

We had a great welcome meeting where we did our introductions. These guys work very hard to get people to Africa. Actually, the attitude towards our work here has been positively impacted by you guys, such commitment and love for your work. In Kenya we will give you all the support so that we can keep changing lives.

A lot of coffee in the office and great fellowships. Was in the office daily, getting updates and understanding how each staff member works to get us all great results.

Apart from this great office and great people, it was my first time to be in a plane training to be a pilot. Actually, this is what everyone is asking me about here at home. Some believe that I can fly a plane. A new title I have now – ‘pilot’.

Alex the pilot

Thanks to Dan for organising this amazing lesson. I would do it again and again. I am unable to describe the feeling I had while in that amazing awesome plane with my trainer, Stewart.

The other wonder that happened was attending a football match at the Saints stadium. Actually, I have never been to a full football match before even in our country. This weekend I found myself wanting to know about our Kenya football team. The Saints football match has converted me.

Was exciting, the fans wow! They were going crazy in that field, not mentioning the craziness in their songs and shouts.

Surely my 10 days in the UK will go down my memory lane as a very great event! I visited several schools, ate a lot of food, ohh food, how could I forget Casa Brasil the meat world, that Friday evening with the staff members. I won’t write how much meat I ate, but I ate and ate and ate…

Now back home to my people.

Thanks Dan and the UK team for giving me a hand of fellowship. Dan was a great host in his house.

Siva was a great brother with whom I really connected.

Can’t wait for the next invitation to my second home.

Alex Maina – East Africa Director