Foundation Newsletter May 2015

Dan Mew

African Adventures Foundation Newsletter May


Love For All, Nakuru – Kenya

This month, the African Adventures Foundation will award grants to Love For All school in Nakuru, Kenya, where we will be:

  • Installing a 10,000l water tank to ensure that the project has a continual source of safe and clean water.
  • Helping to construct a septic tank, which will later be used to promote healthy soils and crop growth.

Foundation Newsletter May

Remember, the African Adventures Foundation relies upon generous people like you who care about children’s lives and their education in Africa.

Please donate to help us continue our work at projects like Love For All.


If you are receiving this email, it is because you care about the lives of children from underpriviliged backgrounds in Africa. We rely on people like you to support our work and help to support:

  • Micro-finance intiatives
  • Feeding programme support and crop cultivation
  • Help with project running costs
  • Structural and facilities development
  • Classroom resources and furniture

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100% all donations goes straight to the projects, 100% of the time


Each month, projects submit their most pressing needs to us. We then work hard to fundraise and make sure there is enough in the African Adventures Foundation to help. We could not do this without your donation.

Remember, 100% of your donation goes straight to Africa, 100% of the time.

Foundation Newsletter May
“Thank you for your continued support, we are truly grateful”
– Pamela Ngesa, Project Co-ordinator – Love For All


SCHOOL GROUPS AND ALUMNI VOLUNTEERS ARE HOLDING FUNDRAISERS FOR THE AAF! Do you work in a school or college and would like to get together some students or friends to fundraise for the African Adventures Foundation? Well, who wouldn’t want to!

If you would like to hold a fundraising event for us, call (or email) Tom, our Projects & Foundation Co-ordinator, on 023 8184 3509.