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At African Adventures, we’re on a mission to change lives through volunteering.

African Adventures is a unique travel company, partnered with 29 schools in developing areas of Ghana, Kenya and Zanzibar, and organise life-changing trips for people who want to help bring our work to life.

We pride ourselves on our ethical, sustainable volunteering model that puts our partner schools at the heart of everything we do. They tell us what help they want, and we recruit volunteers from the UK and beyond to make it happen. Whether it’s building a new classroom or installing new sanitation facilities, we put their needs first.

Stunning Destinations
Partner Schools
Invested Yearly in our Partner Schools

Life-changing trips that make a real difference.


Our Mission

To change lives through volunteering in Africa.


Our Vision

To create thousands of global citizens and make a life-changing impact at our partner schools.


Our Values

• We’re passionate about what we do
• We put our communities first
• We’re ethical in the way we work
• We strive to make a positive impact

Be a part of it

Our volunteers bring our work to life, find out how you can get involved.

A Personal Story, Scaled

African Adventures was founded in 2009 by Dan Mew, after his own trip to Kenya.

“I first travelled to Kenya in 2007, where I volunteered at a community project called The Walk Centre. The school provided a free education and lunchtime meal for children living in a nearby slum area on the periphery of the town’s dumpsite. Without The Walk Centre, the students would not have attended school at all, because they couldn’t afford the modest costs. The school was providing an incredible service in difficult circumstances, and it was clear how much could be done with more resource.

During my time in Kenya, I visited similar projects elsewhere, and met some inspirational leaders, whose passion for their community led them to set up similar initiatives.

My experience helped me realise that I wanted to spend my professional life supporting community projects like The Walk Centre, whilst offering other people from the UK the same life-changing opportunity that I had. Two years later, African Adventures was born, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Today, the company supports more than 22,000 children across our host destinations of Ghana, Kenya and Zanzibar, and over 7,600 volunteers have travelled with us. We now also deliver year-round menstrual health, food security and WASH programmes to further support our partner schools and their students.

Each volunteer that travels with us helps us to deliver the big-picture work we do at our partner schools, but the individual stories our partner schools and volunteers tell us about are just as important. From the kind gestures to the new friendships, it’s the small things that happen organically on our trips that make them such life-changing experiences.”

Dan Mew – Founder, African Adventures