A family holiday with a difference

Dan Mew

Africa provides a diverse range of opportunities across the continent for a family volunteering holiday with a difference. If you are looking for an extraordinary family holiday, that can give you a truly rewarding and worthwhile experience, then Africa offers many family-friendly volunteering programmes in safe environments for families of all ages and backgrounds to get involved in. A trip of this kind is open to everyone, with the help of fundraising, and is something you can gain invaluable life experience from.

Here are five reasons why choosing to volunteer in Africa with your family could be one of the best decisions you ever make:

  1. An opportunity to strengthen bonds

Getting the opportunity to spend quality time with your loved ones can be rare with the everyday pace of life in the UK. A family volunteering holiday in Africa enables you to get away from it all, in an environment quite different from home, where you can refocus, rekindle relationships and appreciate what truly matters in life. This is your chance to go back to basics, switch off your phone, and enjoy a unique experience that brings you closer together.

Family volunteering in Africa

2. Feel like you are making an impact

A family volunteering holiday with a responsible travel company offers you a meaningful and purposeful experience. By volunteering, you will have the chance to participate in project work that is contributing to making an impact in the community and will likely bring reciprocal benefits. There are a variety of volunteer roles on offer, and you can choose those that best suit you and your skillset. Your time volunteering may also be the start of a long-term connection with Africa as you can continue to support the projects when you return home or choose to volunteer again in the future.


  1. Experience a new culture

Africa is brimming with culture that is vibrant and varied across all countries. If you are travelling to Africa for the first time, there is certainly plenty to take in and learn through volunteering. A family experience like this allows you to truly immerse yourself into a new culture, meet friendly people, and see parts of a country that you would not normally see as a tourist. During a volunteering trip, it is good to take time to engage with your hosts and the people you meet at your volunteer project, as well as in the community, to share stories, learn the local language and gain a more in-depth knowledge about the place, its traditions and customs.


  1. Encourage global citizenship from a young age

Whether you choose to travel with young children or teenagers, this really is a perfect opportunity for them to open their eyes to the wider world and expand their horizons. There are many things that can be taught at school and home but there is nothing quite like expanding knowledge through real-life experiences. A volunteering holiday can encourage children to appreciate the value of altruism, instilling in them the desire to do more to help others, and feel more globally connected.

Family volunteering in Africa

  1. Face a challenge and enjoy the adventure!  

On top of everything else, a family volunteer trip to Africa will give you a new challenge, and the opportunity to discover and explore some of the most fascinating destinations in the world together. Alongside volunteering, you can give yourself time to relax and unwind, and there are plenty of adventurous and sightseeing activities to participate in.

Volunteering programmes of this kind are on offer all year round, so what are you waiting for? Take a look at volunteering as a family group in Africa, here.


“A journey of a thousand miles, begins with just a single step.” – African proverb